January 26, 2022

A silver lining

“The same wind that blows down your house shakes berries from the bushes.” ― Marci Ridlon

View from our window last week

It’s been a rough week around these parts. In case you haven’t heard or been through it yourself, Texas has just come out of an unprecedented Arctic blast. A week of snow, ice and temperatures below freezing.

Millions lost power including my family members and many friends. Miraculously, we did not. For once I can be grateful that we live down the street from a fire/EMS station. Having a hospital a few blocks away helped keep the lights and furnace on, too.

After a year of being in pandemic mode, we were used to hunkering down. But this event took our hunkering to whole new level. There was so much ice and snow I didn’t dare go outside our condo for several days for fear of slipping and falling.

Unexpected blessing

Unfortunately for my sister and her husband, their power was out for four days. By day three, they had had enough and we all did some hunkering together in our tiny condo. We only have one bed, but they cheerfully slept on couches and were glad to have heat, lights and Internet access.

The best part was that my sister and I got to spend some time together, something we haven’t been able to do for a long time. We were close growing up, but we took very different paths in life.

She married, had a family and was a gifted music teacher in the public schools. I stayed single and pursued a career in journalism and corporate/academic communications.

It’s just the two of us now

We’ve grown closer in the past few years now that our busy careers (and her child rearing) are in the past. We’re also the last of our nuclear family. Dad passed away 24 years ago and Mom and our older brother died in the past six years.

There’s something extra special about knowing someone your entire life. Kathryn and I have a shared history and values our parents bestowed on us. We understand each other with great ease.

Still, we rarely have time to just be together for an extended period. And this weather disaster gave us that opportunity. There was plenty about this winter storm that was rough and ugly. But I found a silver lining and I’m richer because of it.

Writing spark

Today’s missive brings two thoughts to mind. First, what silver lining can you find in this past catastrophic week? Second, is there someone you were once close to that you’d like to reconnect with? What can you do to reach out? Consider these questions in your journal.

“It’s funny how, when things seem the darkest, moments of beauty present themselves in the most unexpected places.”

― Karen Marie Moning

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