October 23, 2021

About Sheila Allee


Sheila Allee, a lifelong writer, is the author of three books — a memoir, a true crime and a guide on how to write a speech. Her most recent book, My Father’s Eyes, is the story of the transformational friendship she had with an uncle who had a profound intellectual disability.

Sheila first wrote about her Uncle Melrose in 1999 for Reader’s Digest. She then set to work on a book about their relationship. It took several years and several drafts to process all he meant to her. But the result is a book that won the Barbara Jordan Media Award in 2015.

She is a former journalist, former corporate and academic speechwriter, and the former executive director of the Writers’ League of Texas, which helps people learn how to write and get their work published.


The experience of writing My Father’s Eyes opened Sheila’s eyes to the healing power of writing. She found that writing about trauma and telling your own personal story can be life-changing.

Since publishing her memoir, Sheila has been teaching others how to record their own stories and process personal challenges through writing.

If you would like to book a class, series of classes or retreat, contact her at sheila.allee@att.net or call 512-983-7636.