January 26, 2022

Listen and learn

“Part of doing something is listening. We are listening. To the sun. To the stars. To the wind.” ― Madeleine L’Engle

I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty good listener. After all, as a journalist for many years, my profession required me to listen intently to others and to accurately report the information they provided.

Being able to listen has been a help in my personal life, too. Really listening to my spouse, my family members and friends makes for better communication and closer connections.

Taking listening skills to another level, I find my journal is another great way of listening. I use it to hear the guidance of my inner voice. I use it to hear God’s wisdom and direction. I use it to pay attention to all the thoughts and feelings swirling around inside me and make sense of them.

Two ears and one mouth

You may have heard the adage that God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. Maybe it’s corny and worn out, but it has a certain wisdom to it.

Listening is powerful. As Leo Buscaglia, a motivational speaker otherwise known as “Dr. Love” said, something as simple as providing a listening ear can turn a life around.

Sometimes, people just need to be heard. That one simple act is a life-affirming gift.

So give that gift to yourself. Confide in your journal. It will never judge you or talk over you or shut you down. It’s always there, ready to listen.


Writing spark

Write a letter to yourself expressing your deepest fears, your greatest challenges, or your highest hopes – or write about all three. As you do, listen for nuggets of guidance or wisdom. Sometimes they just come to mind naturally once you’ve fully expressed yourself. 



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