January 26, 2022

Musings and Scribbles from my Writing Desk

Good grief! Again!

[This is a brief piece I wrote for my BRAINZ writing prompt group. The May one-word prompt was SHOCKS.] Sometimes I’d swear I was Charlie Brown in a previous life. I never seem to learn that Lucy is going to jerk the football away just when I try to kick it. I end up flat on my face, furious with myself for being so gullible. Furious that once more, I have to pick myself up, dust off and remind myself to be smarter next time.               My naiveté has led to many shocks along the way. The first that comes

The day I met Superman

Over the years, I’ve had lots of crushes on movie stars. I like to think I was the first to discover Bert Reynolds when he played the blacksmith on Gunsmoke a few eons ago. I also lost my heart to Clark Gable, Cary Grant and Gregory Peck. But they were passing fancies compared to Christopher Reeve, the hunk who played Superman in the 1980s. I’ll never forget going to see him in Superman III in 1983. I was single at the time and I told my girlfriend Kathy, who went with me to the movie, that I was smitten with

It is written in my members

[Note: This is a poem I wrote for my online writing group. The writing prompt was “Jobs.”] It came quietly, a nudge, a whisper, a knowing.It came early and never leftthis love affair with words,this awe at their powerto paint a picture,to move a crowd,to harness a reader. Mine were words of knowing,of knowledge, words of healingand understanding.They told stories that must not be forgotten.But they will be.And they will be written again and againlong after I leave my words behindand go to the place of my beginningswhere I heard the whisper and felt the nudge.Where I knew.

Jamaica mind

This is a poem I wrote in November (way before the coronavirus pandemic) from the one-word prompt Trouble. I had just been to Jamaica and learned that the favored slogan is “No problem, mon.” Jamaicans take a laid back approach to life, hence the saying. Whatever is happening, no matter how tough it is, just go with the flow. It seems cavalier to use such a phrase during the current crisis, what with all the sickness, death, unemployment and widespread fear. What strikes me about the following poem is how trivial my complaints often are. Getting stuck in traffic is

Her name is Rabbit

Her name is Rabbit. She is a cat. And throughout her 17 years with me, she has proven her worth many times over. Rabbit, the cat that hops like a bunny and quacks like a duck It all started with that “golden paw” on my front door. Stray cats would walk down my street looking for a place to get a handout or take up residence. Rabbit saw the “golden paw” on my screen door, rang my doorbell and said, “Hi, I’m your new cat.” Actually, it didn’t go quite like that. The first time I saw her, she was