January 26, 2022

Workshops & Retreats

“I was amazed to find that words flowed in this setting.”
Fran, workshop participant

Custom Classes

Whatever your group may need, Sheila Allee can create a custom class to fit the bill.

A series of classes or a longer retreat are recommended to get the maximum benefit.

Workshops can be created to help participants:

  • Process trauma and challenging situations
  • Remember and record life experiences
  • Work through grief and loss

“I have always wanted to write my story, if only for myself. Maybe this will be the beginning.” — Ouida, workshop participant

Workshops for caregivers, workers in helping professions

Burnout and emotional fatigue are common among those caring for an aging or disabled family member.

They are also common for those who provide social services and psychological care to others.

Writing about feelings and challenges can rejuvenate professionals and caregivers.

A series of writing classes or a longer retreat can be custom designed to meet the needs of any group.

To schedule a class, email sheila.allee@att.net or call 512-983-7636.